Meeting My Match

You ever play the game with friends where you say progressively more shocking things until one of you finally says, “Fuck man, that’s sick”. I love doing that, because I don’t lose. I’ve played with the best, but most of the time my threshold is much, much higher. Even if I’m not really turned on […]

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What Could Have Been

I’ve lived a very adventurous life. I’ve jumped motorcycles like my childhood idol Evel Knievel (who I met once…fascinating guy), I’ve crashed cars, I’ve dove off cliffs, I’ve broken bones, I’ve flown airplanes, I’ve lived, loved, lost, and I’ve done crazy stupid things both in and and of the bedroom.  So where is my normally […]

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The Trip

I’m making a road trip at the end of this month with my best friend. He and I are very open about our sex lives and he knows I’m pansexual and have played with several men. I’ve jerked off in front of him several times and even fucked my wife while he watched, so we […]

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Kik Friend

I’ve never been a big social media person. I do the usual Facebook and Twitter, but recently I met a woman on a Reddit forum about small penises. She wanted lesser endowed men to send her pics to humiliate. Being that I love small penis humiliation, I sent her one and we began exchange emails. […]

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Look At It

My wife recently woke me up with a wonderful surprise. She started playing with my limp dick, got it hard, and told me, “I want to make you cum”. This is pretty shocking since she rarely ever touches me, much less touches my dick. She started stroking nice and slow and worked her pace up. […]

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Not Worth the Trouble

For those of you who’ve read my blog, you know that I focus mainly on my fringe desires. What I haven’t expanded much on is the fact that I love women. I mean…I REALLY love women. From the time I was old enough to remember, I’ve been attracted to women. Most boys go through that […]

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