Finding Beauty

I’m proud to admit that I’m a pervert. I’m a chronic masturbator. I love sex, nudity, orgasms, kink, fetish, taboo, and anything else dealing with sexuality. See, I don’t believe sex is wrong, immoral, bad, dirty, shameful, or any other negative connotation. I believe sex is beautiful, fun, healthy, enjoyable, and magical. As children we’re […]

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I’m not gay

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against being gay. I simply don’t find other men attractive. I do, however, love cock. I love the feel of it, the taste of it, the smell of it, and I absolutely love semen. But I have no desire to kiss, snuggle, hold hands, go on romantic walks, […]

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In a previous post I mentioned my freaky ex-girlfriend. She was supposed to be coming into town and we had plans to meet up and fuck like crazy all day long. Sadly, she had to cancel her trip. On the good side, I’ve been saving up a big load all week. I haven’t cum in […]

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Sexual Harassment?

There has been a lot in the news lately regarding sexual harassment. I am a total freak nasty pervert, but have no tolerance for people who force anyone into a situation against their will. These people make it very difficult to be a sex addict. Sex, in and of itself, is not bad as long […]

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Sexual Bucket List

Recently I’ve been thinking about my sexual bucket list. Things I want to do but have never done. Here’s my current top few: See my wife satisfied by a hung stud – being relatively small in the penis department, my wife has suffered my little penis for over 20 years. She has said several times […]

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Confessing Fetishes

In my previous post, I mentioned that one of my ex-girlfriends contacted me and we’ve been exchanging some very sexually charged messages and pictures. Yesterday we began chatting about our “limits”. She said she wasn’t a fan of anal and wasn’t into pain. I can understand that, even though I rather enjoy my ass to […]

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