Confessing Fetishes

In my previous post, I mentioned that one of my ex-girlfriends contacted me and we’ve been exchanging some very sexually charged messages and pictures. Yesterday we began chatting about our “limits”. She said she wasn’t a fan of anal and wasn’t into pain. I can understand that, even though I rather enjoy my ass to […]

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Former Girlfriend

When I was 15 I met the most amazing girl. The only bad thing was that she was dating my best friend. Through a chain of events, she and I ended up dating. She was a virgin and I’d only had sex once. We learned sex together and it became more than just cumming….it was […]

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Thanksgiving weekend 2015. That was the last time I sucked a cock. It was a beautiful 7.5″ member and the precum flowed like water. I enjoyed working my magic on it and swallowing a massive load that seemed to just keep coming. Fast forward to July 4th weekend 2017. The next time I could call […]

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Shocking “Normal” People

I’ve been a masturbation/sex addict since I can remember. Even as a young boy, I played with my penis constantly. I remember seeing my first porn mag when I was 8yo and I thought it was the best thing in the world. Sex to me just seems so normal, natural, and nothing “private”. I gladly […]

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Just Tell The Truth

I was helping a co-worker clean up an area of our office due to some recent personnel moves. I found an old flashlight with nearly dead batteries. It was one of the common two D cell size flashlights. I always carry a small flashlight in my pocket which I keep fresh batteries in. Guess it’s […]

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Sexual Frustration

My wife and I don’t have sex very often. Her sex drive is almost zero. Strangely enough, a few days ago my wife got horny. A rare event. We retired to the bedroom and she almost immediately started sucking me. She seldom gives me head. She sucked me for a good long time. Then she […]

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