Just Tell The Truth

I was helping a co-worker clean up an area of our office due to some recent personnel moves. I found an old flashlight with nearly dead batteries. It was one of the common two D cell size flashlights. I always carry a small flashlight in my pocket which I keep fresh batteries in. Guess it’s […]

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Sexual Frustration

My wife and I don’t have sex very often. Her sex drive is almost zero. Strangely enough, a few days ago my wife got horny. A rare event. We retired to the bedroom and she almost immediately started sucking me. She seldom gives me head. She sucked me for a good long time. Then she […]

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Open Discussion

My wife works for an gynecologist which means our dinner conversations often center around interesting happenings at her office. A couple of days ago she tells me a woman she knows came into the office for her exam. When my wife was filing her record, she noticed a note that said, “Open marriage, STD panel […]

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Love Being Naked

From the time I was a baby until today, I have always loved being naked. My mom told me when I was a baby I would take my diaper off and sit in the floor playing with my penis. So I guess I’ve been a masturbator my entire life. For years I’ve wanted to visit […]

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Stop Lying

I’m in my mid 40’s and for much of my life, I lied about the size of my penis. Starting at about age 10, I began measuring my penis and lying about how big it was. At first I just exaggerated a little bit, until I got into high school and started telling people I […]

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