Confessing Fetishes

In my previous post, I mentioned that one of my ex-girlfriends contacted me and we’ve been exchanging some very sexually charged messages and pictures. Yesterday we began chatting about our “limits”. She said she wasn’t a fan of anal and wasn’t into pain. I can understand that, even though I rather enjoy my ass to be full of a nice dildo or plug from time to time.

If you’ve been reading my blog long, you know that I’m pretty freaky, and I have a very big cuckold and SPH fetish. I can’t explain why. I’ve always enjoyed being dominated and treated like a sex toy, and cuckold takes that to the next level. As for SPH, that stems from being in denial about my size most of my life. Now that I freely admit my rather “average” penis is not big, I really get off on it. So much so I enjoy being told I’m small. It’s just freeing.

So yesterday I confessed those two fetishes in hopes that my exGF would give me the response I wanted. But she pretty much ignored my post, and I didn’t push it. She did tell me that my cock was “fine” and “not small”, but that’s what all women say out of fear of hurting our fragile male egos. I really wanted her to tell me how many cocks she’d had since we dated and how much bigger they were than me…but that didn’t happen.

She lives over 1000 miles away and the likelihood of us ever hooking up again is slim to none. I was really hoping she’d be into humiliating me, but she doesn’t seem to be into it. My wife, who won’t fuck me, is pretty good about making fun of my little dick. She will walk around naked and tease me, but deny me sex. I’d prefer her to eventually fuck me, but according to her she “wouldn’t care if I had another dick in my life”. She is 100% addicted to her vibrator and nothing my little weenie can do to her comes close.

I don’t embarrass easily and I typically don’t give a lot of thought to what people think. But I’m really hoping I didn’t scare off my exGF or make her think I’m a weirdo pervert….which I am!


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