Thanksgiving weekend 2015. That was the last time I sucked a cock. It was a beautiful 7.5″ member and the precum flowed like water. I enjoyed working my magic on it and swallowing a massive load that seemed to just keep coming.

Fast forward to July 4th weekend 2017. The next time I could call myself a cocksucker. You often hear that term used as a disparaging remark. Fact is, it’s one of my favorite sexual activities. Not receiving…but giving. I absolutely love sucking cock. I can’t explain why. The first time I had a dick in my mouth was when I was 15yo and I was hooked from the very beginning. Feeling it get hard in your mouth and start to pulse. Then finally hearing those magic words, “I’m gonna cum”. Universally, with all cocks I’ve sucked, the orgasm hits, the hips undulate, the cock begins to spasm, and finally….you taste that bitter sweet flavor as the sperm spurts into your mouth.

So on July 2nd, I got my lips around a rather thick, uncut beauty. I hooked up with a gentleman on a website and found he was staying in a hotel just around the corner from my house. I made my way over, knocked on his door, and he answered the door completely naked. His average 6″ cock was limp, but looked nice. Nice big balls. Everything shaved smooth. He didn’t seem nervous, but it took him some time to get hard. I stroked his cock, played with his balls, then took him in my mouth. I worked my oral magic and he got rock hard. His dick head swollen, I pulled back the foreskin being mindful of how sensitive uncut cocks can be. Then I heard those magic words, “Aw shit man, you’re gonna make me cum.” I kept working, varying my technique to keep it interesting, but quickly found the spot he liked. Then he says, “I’m cumming!” and his hips start bucking…but no semen. He grunts, moans, and thrashes….but no cum. Then, I felt it squirt…one….two…three squirts. Not a big load, but oh so tasty. Not bitter at all. Almost sweet. Very thick and creamy. I savored it before swallowing it.

Satisfied, he laid on the bed thanking me for sucking him off. I asked if I could jerk off to relieve my raging hard on. I stroked my small cock as he watched and shot a fairly big load. He handed me a towel and I wiped up all my cum, licking some off my fingers. Then I was on my way.

Cocksucker. Yes I am. I’d suck cock every day if I could. I don’t know why I love it so much. I’m not even remotely attracted to the man the cock is attached to. Perhaps it’s just the nasty taboo of being a cocksucker that I enjoy. Something most men would be sick at the thought of.

I was chatting with a friend recently who knows I’m pansexual. He made a joke about sucking dick and I said, “Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it”. He said, “Naah, if that was all the sex I could get I’d go without”. It’s a shame so many men won’t even try sucking, or even being sucked by another man. Men suck dick better than most women could ever dream of.


5 thoughts on “Cocksucker

  1. Liked how you described liking to suck a guy’s cock without being attracted to the guy. Be fun to have a buddy that would spend lots of time sucking my cock whenever I want with no other expectations. I can hold my load for a long time so I’d keep you down there slurping away while I kicked back with a beer watching a game. I’d be pulling my dick out and sticking it in your face anytime we were alone and would get off on hearing you beg me to cum in your mouth. My fantasy would be for my wife to be happy with you keeping my cock hard and wet till she was ready to ride it. Seems like everyone would get what they want that way šŸ™‚


    1. I’d gladly fill the role of “fluffer” to keep your cock hard and ready for your wife’s pleasure. As long as I got to lick the load out of her pussy when you were finished.


  2. Great teamwork! I drill her pussy till I blow and then you lick my cum out of her keeping her wet and giving her more orgasms till my cock is ready for more.

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  3. How’d you end up breaking your drought? I’m a bi-curious virgin. It never occurred to me to entertain homoerotic thoughts, until after I got divorced. I fuck women all the time, and love it. But when I masturbate, nothing makes me come better than fantasizing about the situation you described above. I want to know what it feels like to have my lips around another man’s penis, and to feel him fuck my face until he comes. I just don’t know if it’s better to have him erupt in my mouth, or ejaculate streams of hot semen on my face and chest.

    But I have no idea where to make it happen, or even chat about it to make sure that it’s for me


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