Just Tell The Truth

I was helping a co-worker clean up an area of our office due to some recent personnel moves. I found an old flashlight with nearly dead batteries. It was one of the common two D cell size flashlights. I always carry a small flashlight in my pocket which I keep fresh batteries in. Guess it’s the Boy Scout in me. I jokingly held my small pocket flashlight up next to the bigger one and turned them both on. My little light was much brighter. I exclaimed, “See it’s not the size, it’s how good it works”. Much to my surprise, the lady I was helping said, “If people are telling you that, it’s because you have a tiny flashlight”. I laughed and said, “Well, at least mine is bright” to which she replied, “Like I said…if someone is telling you that you’re small”. The tone of her voice told me she wasn’t joking.

I laughed a bit and put my flashlight away and she continued on. “Women should stop telling men that size isn’t important….trust me….it is. It’s VERY important”. I joked saying, “You sound like you’re speaking from experience” and she says, “I have walked away from those experiences”.

At this point, I’m starting to get a little uncomfortable as I’m in management with the company and I started to fear someone may overhear us and report me to HR so I tried to bow out of the conversation. She would have none of it. I think she sensed my discomfort and she asked, “So…you seem uncomfortable with this subject. Is this a sore spot for you?” She didn’t laugh, and my cock started to harden and I wanted to admit to her that I had a small cock but I knew better than to get suckered in. I didn’t want to get hauled to HR. So I just laughed and said I had to get back to work. As I walked away she said, “Well…guess that answers that question”.

Earlier in the day, I’d send my wife the following meme as a joke:

Image may contain: meme and text

She didn’t reply back and I asked her about it when I got home. She laughed and said, “Yeah…I saw it”. I asked her if it was true for her and she said, “Pretty much”. She has admitted she is disappointed in my size on a number of occasions, so it was not a big deal when I asked her, “Why do you say that? Because I have a little dick?” She said, “Yep”.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that my wife doesn’t lie to me about how she feels about my size. And the lady at work possibly knows I have a small cock because she is good friends with another co-worker who is also a friend of mine and I’ve confessed to him that I have a small cock. Even told him my measurements. I’m pretty sure he’s told her which would explain her comments. ¬†Undoubtedly she knows I have a tiny dick.

Ladies, not all men are oversensitive pussies. Some of us are able to accept our deficiencies. I have read accounts of smaller endowed men being so upset about someone telling them they are small that they aren’t able to perform sexually and they become depressed. Sheesh! Really? Man up! If you have a big cock…good for you. If you have an average one…that’s good I guess. If you have a small one…sucks to be you. But stop the lying and the myth of “size doesn’t matter”. No, it doesn’t matter when it comes to having a healthy relationship. You can love someone with a small cock. My wife has done it for 23 years. But when it comes to sex, most women prefer a well hung virile man. I’m not talking about some 10″ porn cock, but a nice 7″ or so dick. My wife says 7.5″ is perfect. Big enough to really fill you and stretch you, but not so big it hurts unless the guy is a jerk and just pounds you with it. Ladies, tell your boyfriends or husbands about those wonderful big cocks you’ve experienced. My wife has a friend who refuses to tell her husband he’s awful in bed and that she misses her exBF’s sexual expertise. They have been married for 25 years. She’s had 25 years of bad sex because she’s too afraid to tell her boring husband that she wants to get freaky. According to her, he is “average” in the dick department…just boring. Geez! I just don’t get it. Why not tell him what kinky stuff you want to do?

Ladies….stop lying to men to spare their fragile ego. Trust me…size matters…men know it matters….and men know when they are small.


3 thoughts on “Just Tell The Truth

  1. You are right.

    I’m glad to be a fucking pervert with my girl.

    We all have layers. Nobody is perfect. I have an average cock. I cum hard when she finishes me, stroking me, telling me that when she spends a night with a BBC I can’t touch her or fuck her, because on that night she is his, and on that night she is only his. She ends up telling me that my cock isn’t enough, because I can’t get deep enough like he can. It’s the truth. But hearing it makes me cum that much harder.

    But I’m still glad to be a pervert with my girl. I love it when she grinds her ass on my face. I love eating ass. I love bending her over and pounding her. My biggest fantasy is to watch her with another person. Her biggest or, well, one of many involves having a gaping asshole. I’ve pounded her in the ass quite a few times… while my cock is adequate, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do that. A really big, fat, black cock will, though…………. she needs it.


    1. I have a smaller than average cock, and my wife often tells me she wishes I could get “deeper”. I have above average girth though, so I can get her off, but I can’t get deep inside like her exBF could.


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