Sexual Frustration

My wife and I don’t have sex very often. Her sex drive is almost zero. Strangely enough, a few days ago my wife got horny. A rare event. We retired to the bedroom and she almost immediately started sucking me. She seldom gives me head. She sucked me for a good long time. Then she climbed up, straddled me, and lowered herself on my saliva soaked cock. She started grinding back and forth and moaning. As she would approach orgasm she’d say, “deeper…fuck me deeper”. Why she says this, I have no idea. We’ve been together for 23 years and she knows I have a small cock. But none the less, she kept begging me to fuck her deeper. Finally, unable to cum, she got frustrated and said she needed to cum with her vibrator. Almost immediately after her small silver bullet vibrator hit her clit she erupted in orgasm. Writhing with pleasure and panting “oh fuck, I’m cumming!” over and over again as she grunted and her hips arched above the bed. This happened not once, but FIVE times as I masturbated and watched. In between her orgasms I asked her if she was frustrated by my small penis. She emphatically said, “Yes!”. I asked her if she wished I were bigger…again she said, “Yes!”. After she was exhausted from cumming she announced she was “done” and said it was my turn.

As I stroked my cock toward my own orgasm, I asked my wife what she fantasized about while she was using her vibrator. She said she was fantasizing about me fucking another woman. The she says, “I know what you would like”. Then she says, “You want to see me get fucked by a big dick don’t you? And you want him to cum deep inside me. Then you want to eat his cum out of my pussy and suck my juice off his big cock don’t you?”. Her voices saying those things made me cum harder than I’ve cum in a long time.

As we laid in bed, both satisfied, I asked her if she would like to have that scenario play out for real. Of course she said, “No, I was just trying to help you cum”. I asked her if she was serious about being frustrated and she said, “Yes, sometimes I am so close but you can’t get me over the edge”. Then she went on to say that she cums most times when we fuck, but not all the time. I steered the conversation back toward her fucking a hung stud. She said, “It’s not going to happen”. I asked if she’d like to do it, and she says, “Of course I would”.

So while she may be frustrated that I can’t get as deep as she wants, I am equal as frustrated with the fact that she wants to experience a big dick, but won’t do it. Pretzel logic if you ask me. I’m giving her not only permission, but she knows it would excite me sexually….and she won’t do it.

I’ll never understand women.


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